Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Applying for a position with ASPB?

Weʼve read a lot of applications and seen a lot of interviews, here are some basic
suggestions for applying for an ASPB position, or even positions in general.
Be a Volunteer in Programming (VIP). Use this opportunity to get to know more about
the ASPB structure and programming processes. While being a VIP, it is important to
show initiative and genuine enthusiasm for the group and high quality of work. Be
genuine in working hard and being dedicated in your efforts, as it can be obvious when
individuals are trying to openly impress in order to obtain a Director position. Being a
VIP doesn’t guarantee any executive board positions, but it does provide insight into
entertainment event planning and people behind the events.

On your application

Check your spelling. Donʼt rely on spell check to catch everything. Also make sure that
words are being used correctly. For example, “Spring Splash” should not be Spring

Put effort into your answers. The online application has a larger text box for a reason,
we want more than 1 line! Your answers should communicate enthusiasm and a certain
level of specificity. Answering a question, about what ideas do you have, shouldnʼt just
be “I have a lot of ideas.” That doesnʼt communicate any actual interest in what youʼre
applying for nor what viewpoint you bring to the table, and being too broad or general
doesnʼt leave any positive or memorable impression. You should expand your
responses to some extent; without being TOO long (three paragraphs is overboard).
Re-read your application. Make sure your response makes sense! Or ask someone else
to take a look at what youʼre submitting. Itʼs important that your reader understands
what you are trying to communicate. Weʼll be able to tell whether or not youʼve thought
through responses.

For online submissions, write your responses in a word processing document first and
copy and paste into the response box, rather than writing directly into it. This way you
can catch spelling mistakes and make revisions easily. Also, you are less likely to lose
your work!

For your interview

Dress for an interview. We ask folks to dress business casual, meaning no jeans. Not
dressing appropriately can be interpreted as a lack of respect for the interview process.
An interview for any job or position is a first impression, donʼt let wearing jeans be the
only thing you are remembered for!

Know what you are applying for and speak from experience. Have a sense for what the
division does and what they did this year. It’s best that you attended events and can
speak from experience, or talk with folks who did attend. Applying for a division whose
events you did not attend or are not familiar with is typically less favorable, especially if
you provide ideas or improvements that have already been implemented.

Research what you can. Have some familiarity of what you are applying for. Check out
the website, online media, etc. If you have questions, you should ask them at the end of
the interview in a tactful way.

Prepare and anticipate questions!

Visit the UCR Career Center site for GREAT tips on interviews!

Good luck!